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A customizable and scalable phishing assessment platform built by red teamers for red teamers.

Redlure is an open-source phishing platform from Schneider Downs designed to be a feature-rich solution for red teamers and penetration testers. The application uses a distributed model that grants one interface access to multiple campaigns running on different servers and domains simultaneously. It provides a robust campaign creation platform with custom email templates, linked landing pages and payload integration to emulate real-world scenarios.

If you are interested in Redlure, please contact us for more information. Please note this is currently in Alpha testing.

Schneider Downs Redlure Demo

How Redlure Works

Features and Benefits

  • Encryption
    Redlure encrypts sensitive information stored in its database, like SMTP passwords and user-submitted form data.
  • Scalability
    Add as many Redlure workers as your organization or team needs.
  • Central Interface
    Manage multiple phishing servers, generate LetsEncrypt certificates and switch domains from a single interface.
  • Chain Landing Pages
    Link pages to emulate user login experiences for common sites, including email access and cloud or company portals.
  • Payload Phishing
    Easily integrate payloads with campaigns to track downloads.         
  • Sortable Workspace
    Organize campaigns, templates and results by client or engagement.

Sample Campaign

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